Corporate Traveller gm, Raylene Pienaar, has put together top pointers for making business travel easy.

1. To the left  As most people use their right hand, they are more likely to go right. When queueing at security checkpoints and check-in gates, turn left and you’ll find yourself in the shortest queue.

2. Bumpy ride  If  you’re frightened by turbulence, choose a morning flight. Turbulence is mainly an afternoon and evening occurrence. Also, all seats are not created equal. Choose a seat over the aircraft’s wings (nearest to its centre of gravity) to minimise the impact of turbulence.

3. Be upstanding  Does your wheelie bag keep falling over? When packing, put the heaviest items at the bottom. Problem solved.

4. In the bag  Do you travel to the same city time and time again and stay in the same place? Ask management if you can leave behind a small bag containing necessities for your next visit. It will save you space in your luggage on your next trip.

5. Oh, the jetlag!  Jetlagged? Here are a few great tips: steer clear of alcohol and caffeine 24 hours before your trip. They dehydrate you and make jetlag much worse. Stay well hydrated on the plane by reaching for water – avoid alcohol and caffeine where possible. Also, when you choose your seat on the aircraft, choose one on the non-sunny side to make sleeping easier. Sleep for the duration of the flight in accordance with the time at your destination. Once at your destination try and stick to mealtimes in accordance with the local time. If you need a nap, keep it brief – no more than two hours.

6. Expense savvy  Stash an envelope in your carry pack and use it for keeping all your receipts in one place. This way, completing expense claim forms when you’re back home is quick and easy.

7. Dirty laundry  Take along a few empty plastic shopping bags for dirty laundry so that your clean clothes stay clean and smelling fresh on the homeward trip.

8. Don’t do it yourself  Using a central point of contact saves time and takes the hassle out of organising your own flights, accommodation and so on. A dedicated travel expert will make sure your business travel is seamless, efficient and does not cost you one cent more than it absolutely has to. They will also help with managing loyalty miles and foreign exchange 24 hours a day.

9. Soft copy  Email all-important documentation to yourself before you leave home. This way you will always have access to digital copies of important documents, no matter where in the world you are.

10. Stick up  Stick ‘FRAGILE’ stickers on your baggage so it’s handled with care by baggage handlers. Do this even if there’s nothing fragile in your bag.

11. Coin it  Always carry enough cash for miscellaneous expenses: taxi rides, snacks and gratuities, for example.

12. Midweek crowd break  Wednesday is the best day to fly if you want to avoid the crowds. The busiest time for flights is Thursday through Monday. Aircraft are not as full on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as they are on other days of the week.

13. Early bird  If you hate being delayed, try to get on to an early flight. Flights later in the day are more often delayed than early-morning flights.

14.  Coming and going  Need a taxi cab in a hurry? Avoid the crowds at arrivals and head off to departures, where taxis are dropping people off at the airport. It’s much quicker and easier to flag one down there.

15.  Charge it  Carry a battery pack in your hand luggage for your phone, tablet and other devices so you arrive at your destination fully charged and connected.

16. Same old, same old saves money  Using the same airlines, hotel chains and car-hire companies for your business travel incentivises them to offer you discounted rates, loyalty miles and other extras. –

This article was published in Travel and Meetings Buyer. Click here for the full article.