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Most Visited Tourist Attractions In Europe

Source: http://www.tourism-review.com/most-visited-tourist-attractions-in-europe-news3342 Europe is far from boring – its old-world charm still enchants even the most jaded Hollywood movie directors, such as Woody Allen who has created tributes to London, Barcelona, Paris, and Rome. Although...

Best Airport Micro Hotels

Source: http://www.eturbonews.com/29826/best-airport-micro-hotels-proving-size-not-everything Airports are no place to sleep, as any weary traveller who has tried to grab a few minutes shuteye during a layover can attest. But that may be changing, thanks to a new breed...

Emerging Green Destinations

Top 10 emerging destinations for green and sustainable travel List of top 10 emerging eco destinations as the next “best bets” to take folks off the sometimes beaten green path.

eTN – Up To 13 October 2011

Global Travel News Cape Town competes to be named World Design Capital In just under two weeks, Cape Town will know whether it will be the World Design Capital 2014. Cape Town is competing with Dublin...