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Surval Boutique Olive Estate

I often wonder why certain places are just beautiful and others not! Well, at Surval, there is absolutely nothing not to like or love! Nestled ‘on the valley’ just outside Oudtshoorn overlooking the...

Carla’s Travel Titbit – Zorbing

Source: Wikipedia It seems that Zorbing is the new ‘in’ activity for travellers. Make sure you know what it is all about! What is zorbing? “Zorbing (globe-riding, sphereing, orbing) is the recreation or sport of rolling downhill...

Holiday Guide To The Scenic Garden Route

Visit the latest edition of Wealthwise Magazine to read all about the Garden Route. Please click on this link to access the article from page 53. Click here to read our digital December/January edition! http://wealthwisemag.com/wealthwise/http:/wealthwisemag.com/wealthwise/holiday-guide-to-the-scenic-garden-route.html.