Spectacular Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wanders of the world is a sight to behold.

There are  important factors that travellers should be aware of when visiting Victoria Falls due to the seasonal changes. Ideally you would like to make the most of your visit to the Falls. Choose your best time to visit according to the factors that are most important to you. Factors to consider includes, but are not limited to the following:

  • Wet / rainy season, approx November through to April
  • Dry (no rain) season, May to October
  • High water levels, approx January to April
  • Birds, migrant birds start to depart in March and usually return from September
  • Low water levels, depending on rain, water levels drop from May onwards, lowest in October
  • Hot / moderate / cool temperatures, October usually the hottest, Humidity highest from December-February
  • Game viewing, not great in January / February due to thick vegetation
  • White water rafting, usually best from October through to March
  • Livingstone Island, usually closed from mid March to end May
  • Devils pool at Livingstone Island, access / swimming usually possible between July – October

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