EatOut, the definitive guide to restaurants in South Africa,  has compiled a list of the most iconic South African food to be enjoyed by locals as well as visitors. For the full article, click here. What do you think about the list? Please comment below and tell us what else you want to add to the list!

In alphabetical order:

  1. Amagwinya / Vetkoek, deep fried dough balls served with various fillings
  2. Biltong, dried spiced meat
  3. Bobotie, a Cape Malay dish with spiced minced lamb / beef topped with an egg & milk mixture, browned in the oven
  4. Boerewors, sausage in many different flavours
  5. Braaivleis / shisa nyama, meat cooked on coals / open wood fire
  6. Braaibroodjies, toasted bread with various fillings, a great accompaniment to a braai
  7. Bredie, slow-cooked stew
  8. Bunny Chow, hollowed out bread filled with curry
  9. Don Pedro, alcoholic milkshake
  10. Denningvleis, Cape Malay sweet & sour slow cooked lamb
  11. Gatsby, footlong sandwich filled with slap chips (fries) meat, egg and a peri-peri sauce or atchar
  12. Koeksisters, deep fried dough with syrup
  13. Malva pudding, baked pudding with toffee sauce
  14. Milktart, custardy tart with cinnamon
  15. Mogodu with ting, slow cooked tripe with stiff porridge
  16. Pap & sous, porridge with gravy, another great accompaniment with braaivleis
  17. Peppermint crisp tart, a cold dessert topped with peppermint chocolate
  18. Smiley, baked sheep’s head
  19. Snoek, mackarel type fish, often smoked, distinct taste
  20. Umngqusho, stamp mealies and bean stew
  21. Umphokoqo, porridge with fermented milk