In 2016, a German passport will give you access to the most countries without a visa. This is according to an annual survey done by the London based consulting firm, Henley & Partners. Germans have visa free access to 177 countries from a total of 218 Swedes, 176 In shared 3rd place with 175: Finland, France, Italy, Spain and UK 4th, with 174: US,...
According to the World Economic Forum the most tourist friendly countries in 2015 are: 1. Spain 2. France 3. Germany 4. USA 5. UK 6. Switzerland 7. Australia 8. Italy 9. Japan 10. Canada Read MORE
GoEuro has done a survey to determine which is the best passport to have. They have looked at a variety of factors. Herewith the LIST: Sweden Finland Germany UK USA Denmark Canada Spain Belgium The Netherlands To read more about the criteria and the ranking report, click HERE
Now is a good time to plan your next holiday and if All-Inclusive-Resorts works for you, then looking through this list is your starting point. Enjoy your trip!
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