We are trapped in a fast paced world and whenever one gets a moment to think about a possible holiday destination, sandy beaches and azure oceans come to mind. Tripadvisor has, once again, announced the best islands for 2016.  There are a few well known ones and some that are more unusual....happy to see that Mauritius made the list....happy...
So many places to see....herewith the top 10 destinations on the rise according to tripadvisor: 1. Tulum, Mexico 2. Cartagena, Colombia 3. Porto, Portugal 4. Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA 5. Moscow, Russia 6. Brighton, United KIngdom 7. New Delhi, India 8. Banff, Alberta, Canada 9. Lima, Peru 10.Foz do Iguacu, Brazil   For the full details click here
Trip Advisor has just released the top 25 beaches around the world for 2015. Will this motivate you to book your next trip? Photo: Courtesy of Trip Advisor