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Romantic Hotels

With this being the month of love worldwide herewith the winners of the 2012 Travelers' Choice Romance Awards. Most romantic hotels in the US and world named

Incredible India

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Incredible India – Mumbai

Mumbai, (Bombay till 1996, the name change was very unpopular initially) on the east coast of India is in the state of Maharashtra, and in many ways the gateway to India, some of the...

Incredible India – Agra

Agra (population: approx 1.4 million) is in Uttar Pradesh state also known as ‘the Northern State’ and is the Hinduism and Hindi heartland. I traveled with the train from Delhi to Agra. The Shatabdi...

Incredible India – Delhi

Namaskar (Hello) Visiting the Republic of India for 2 weeks, covering 1 National Capital territory, 3 states and 4 cities does not begin to describe all that incredible India has to offer. Although this visit...

Impressions of Oslo

During November 2010 I was in the fortunate position to accompany my husband on a business trip to Oslo, Norway for a week. During November Oslo is not exactly a good time for a...