Your passport in 2016

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Your passport in 2016

German passportIn 2016, a German passport will give you access to the most countries without a visa.
This is according to an annual survey done by the London based consulting firm, Henley & Partners.

  • Germans have visa free access to 177 countries from a total of 218
  • Swedes, 176
  • In shared 3rd place with 175: Finland, France, Italy, Spain and UK
  • 4th, with 174: US, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands
  • South Africans have access to 97 countries without a visa

On the other side of the scale citizens needing the most visas to travel, thus having visa free access only to a limited number of countries

  • North Korea, visa free access to 42 countries
  • Syria, 32 countries
  • Iraq, 30 countries
  • Afghanistan, only 25 countries

Note that only passports from 199 countries have been evaluated in this survey.

Travel the world in 2016…..and enjoy!


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