Pretoria Bucket List

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Pretoria Bucket List

I recently came across this extra-ordinary bucket list of things to do in Pretoria and surrounding areas. Thank you 3@Marion Guesthouse for sharing 94 things to do and experience in Pretoria…from a fellow Pretorian…it seems that I am gong to have lots of busy weekend ahead!

Just to get you going, here are the a few of the items on the list….

  • Touch Nelson Mandela’s knee at the Union Buildings

  • Climb all 299 steps to the top of the Voortrekker Monument

  • See 3.6 billion years of history at Freedom Park

  • Enjoy a delicious high tea at Kievits Kroon Country Estate

  • Enjoy a freshly baked pastry at Café Riche – the oldest café and bistro in Pretoria

  • Pet a calve at Irene Dairy Farm

  • Eat a Strawberry and Salmon Pizza at Toni’s Pizzeria

  • Complete a 5km fun run

Click here to see the complete list and enjoy doing all of these activities and experiencing all the beauty.



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