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Since this blog is based in South Africa, you will find detailed posts on venues, conference facilities and restaurants in the different provinces of South Africa. The main topics covered are:

  • CONFERENCE and accommodation venues in South Africa
  • RESTAURANTS in South Africa
  • TRAVEL, referring to countries, this is a global category with the aim of adding posts covering all 194 countries in the world

Posts under each main topic is listed alphabetically…..ENJOY THE JOURNEY

My latest blog posts are:

Santiago Chile


Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Buenos Aires Argentina

Peru & the Machu Picchu experience

Sao Paulo Brazil

The South American Adventure

The South American Adventure

Travel Belgium

Travel Bosnia & Herzegovina

Travel British Virgin Islands

Travel Dominican Republic

Travel Ecuador

Travel French Polynesia

Travel Honduras

Travel Iran

Travel Philippines

Travel South Africa

Travel St Barth's

Travel Sweden

Travel Venezuela

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