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Tour Leading

International tour leading for corporate and leisure groups…anywhere. Whatever the focus: shopping, exploring, eating, architecture, culture, you will have a very enthusiastic individual alongside you all the way.

Travel Consultant

Since being in the travel / tourism industry for the last decade, it was a natural progression to create bespoke travel experiences for my clients.

Travel Writing

I am available on a freelance basis to write articles / write-ups for specific venues, hotel groups, destinations, restaurants or any other tourism and travel related services.

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Needs of top end travelers

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The luxury travel market has increased significantly over the last few years. Top end travelers are seeking unique experiences, exceptional activities, service, accommodation, location, food, design…..the list is extensive. The Lobster Company Group, based in Germany, has extensive experience in this market and list some experiences that they believe are exceptional….including an extra-ordinary food experience

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Do you know where Aldabra is?

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Hi, do you know where Aldabra is? I can give you a few hints: Indian Ocean Very remote UNESCO World Heritage site Huge tortoises Black-tipped sharks Greater Flamingos Click here to read more about the wonders of Aldabra

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Mauritius – East Coast

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The Beautiful Indian Ocean Island of Mauritius has much to offer, notably the East Coast. Click here to read more

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